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Mr Graham, I do not know why you cannot feel with your heart or at least use your brain, as Mr Cruise pretty much has used them both in all his work, he deserves the utter respect for the magnificent human being that he is, his 928bet เข้า ไม่ ได้ and honorable heart. Love you Thomas , my heart, be safe, never again another injury, never.

Tom Cruise is, in at least one respect, absolutely batshit insane. And yet that doesn’t stop him from being a fantastically talented actor and, by all accounts I’ve heard from his co-stars, a warm, funny, welcoming, and remarkably generous man. I knew I stanned him for a reason. You are against Or in favor of me. I feel like doing a stunt with Tom before i die or well, i ‘ll die because of it but i’ll be happy! Tom is so much down to earth and genuine guy, This show is real fun to watch. When will Tom Cruise be asked some questions about Scientology?

Maybe it’s a Fact The More Popular and Powerful You are The More Alone You Leave ! Tom is a fuckn legend of Hollywood. Top gun, cocktail, to Jack reacher. Tom is the one who will die making a movie. He hasn’t learned to quite when you are ahead. It will happen at some point. She wants Henry to notice her.