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Not to be confused with Fox Film. Fox and its affiliated companies operate many entertainment channels in international markets, although these do not necessarily air the same programming as the U. Most viewers in Canada have access to at least one U. The network is named after sister company 20th Century Fox, and indirectly for producer William Fox, fox tv online founded one of the movie studio’s predecessors, Fox Film.

20th Century Fox had been involved in television production as early as the 1950s, producing several syndicated programs. TCF Holdings, the parent company of the 20th Century Fox film studio. In October 1985, 20th Century Fox announced its intentions to form a fourth television network that would compete with ABC, CBS, and NBC. The plans were to use the combination of the Fox studios and the former Metromedia stations to both produce and distribute programming. Organizational plans for the network were held off until the Metromedia acquisitions cleared regulatory hurdles. The Fox Broadcasting Company launched at 11:00 p. Eastern and Pacific Time on Thursday, October 9, 1986.

The network expanded its programming into prime time on April 5, 1987, inaugurating its Sunday night lineup with the premieres of the sitcom Married with Children and the sketch comedy series The Tracey Ullman Show. In regards to its late night lineup, Fox had already decided to cancel The Late Show, and had a replacement series in development, The Wilton North Report, when the former series began a ratings resurgence under its final guest host, comedian Arsenio Hall. 90 television season, Fox added a third night of programming, on Mondays. The season heralded the start of a turnaround for Fox. Although Fox was growing rapidly as a network and had established itself as a presence, it was still not considered a major competitor to the established “Big Three” broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. Big Three” networks attracted an older-skewing audience. Fox become a viable competitor to the older networks when it won broadcast television rights to the National Football League away from CBS.

Shortly afterward, News Corporation began striking affiliation deals with, and later purchasing, more television station groups. The NFC contract, in fact, was the impetus for the affiliation deal with New World and SF Broadcasting’s purchase of the Burnham stations, as Fox sought to improve local coverage of its new NFL package by aligning the network with stations that had more established histories and advertiser value than its charter affiliates. With significant market share for the first time ever and the rights to the NFL, Fox firmly established itself as the nation’s fourth major network. Fox News Channel in August 1996.

By 2000, many staple Fox shows of the 1990s had ended their runs. CBS in total viewership beginning in 2002. Idol remains the most recent U. 30 million viewers for at least two television seasons.