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Follow the link for more it. city bacon. The Food at Davids Kitchen 166. A Bacon Explosion is a pork dish that consists of bacon wrapped around a filling of spiced sausage and crumbled bacon.

The Bacon Explosion is made of bacon, sausage, barbecue sauce and barbecue seasoning or rub. The bacon is assembled in a weave to hold the sausage, sauce and crumbled bacon. Once rolled, the Bacon Explosion is cooked, basted, cut and served. Jason Day and Aaron Chronister posted the dish in December 2008 on their “BBQ Addicts” blog. The inventors are experienced barbecue competition participants from Kansas City, and compete in cook-offs as the Burnt Finger BBQ team. According to the Telegraph, “They came up with the delicacy after being challenged on Twitter to create the ultimate bacon recipe.

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