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Mono is a free and open-source project to create an Ecma standard-compliant . The Mono project has been controversial within the open-source community, as it implements portions of . NET Framework that may be covered by Microsoft patents. The logo of Mono is a stylized monkey’s face, mono being Spanish for monkey. Mono’s APIs are now in par with .

0 and Visual Basic 8 compilers. The Gendarme verification tool and Mono Linker are introduced. Mono switches its JIT engine to a new internal representation that gives it a performance boost and introduces SIMD support in the Mono. This release mostly polishes all the features that shipped in 2. 2 and became the foundation for the Long-Term support of Mono in SUSE Linux. The Mono runtime is now able to use LLVM as a code generation backend and this release introduces Mono co-routines, the Mono Soft Debugger and the CoreCLR security system required for Moonlight and other Web-based plugins. The Interactive shell supports auto-completion and the LINQ to SQL supports multiple database backends.

The xbuild build system is introduced. LLVM engine tuned to support 99. 0 support, async support, Async Base Class Library Upgrade and MVC4 – Partial, no async features support. 5 profile and ships only .

First release to integrate Microsoft open-source . 0, strong assembly names, and experimental default interface members. Forms update to improve compatibility with . When Microsoft first announced their .