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Jump to navigation Jump to search “Ultra HD” redirects here. For the video disc format, see Ultra HD Blu-ray. Diagram of the CIE 1931 color space that shows the Rec. Ultra-high-definition television is also known as Ultra HD, UHD, UHDTV and 4K.

The human visual system has a limited ability to discern improvements in resolution when picture elements are already small enough or distant enough from the viewer. UHDTV provides other image enhancements in addition to pixel density. Specifically, dynamic range and color are greatly enhanced, and these impact saturation and contrast differences that are readily resolved and greatly improve the experience of 4KTV compared to HDTV. UHDTV allows the future use of the new Rec. In terms of CIE 1931 color space, the new Rec. DCI-P3 digital cinema reference projector color space of just 53. Adobe RGB color space, while the Rec.

709 color space covers only 35. 2020, higher dynamic range, and higher frame rates to work on HD services without increasing resolution to 4K, providing improved quality without as high of an increase in bandwidth demand. NHK researchers built a UHDTV prototype which they demonstrated in 2003. They used an array of 16 HDTV recorders with a total capacity of almost 3. 5 TB that could capture up to 18 minutes of test footage. The SMPTE first released Standard 2036 for UHDTV in 2007.

The signal was input to a 300 MHz wide band modulator and broadcast using a 500 MHz QPSK modulation. In 2008, Aptina Imaging announced the introduction of a new CMOS image sensor specifically designed for the NHK UHDTV project. On September 29, 2010, the NHK partnered up and recorded The Charlatans live in the UK in the UHDTV format, before broadcasting over the internet to Japan. 4320 pixels at 10 bits per pixel. It was the first direct-view Super Hi-Vision-compatible display released.