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UN passes resolution true4u บอล-วัน-นี้ action against Islamic State. Saudi Arabia offers to send ground troops to Syria to fight Isis. IRGC Commander: Saudi Troops Deployment to Syria “Political Joke”.

Obama Security Advisor: ‘Ground Forces in Syria Are Not Sustainable’. UAE says it is ready to send ground troops to Syria. I knew it would be, your irregular life will soon be the ruin of you, why do you not work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly given to you? So the Wolf and the dog went towards the town together.

On the way there the Wolf noticed that the hair on certain part of the Dog’s neck was very much worn away, so he asked him how that had come about. That is only the place where the collar is put on at night to keep me chained up, it chafes a bit, but one soon gets used to it. Then good bye to you, Master Dog. There is nothing worth so much as liberty. A gaunt Wolf was almost dead with hunger when he happened to meet a house-Dog who was passing by.

Once, a Cock lost his way and went inside a stable. This place looks so large and strange. I also do not see my family and friends anywhere! Just then, he heard a loud neigh. He looked up and saw a Horse trotting out of the place. What are you doing in our home? This place is not meant for a small creature like you.

The Cock then realised that he was inside a stable. I must find my way out. These Horses are so different from us! The Cock could not ask any Horse about the way out, as they were busy eating their food.

The Cock tried to leave, but he almost got trampled. The Horses kept stamping their feet all the time. The poor Cock found his way out, after facing many difficulties. One humid day in the summer, a lion and a goat were dying of thirst. Once they found a puddle, they began fighting for the water.

They fought and became really tired. After a battle, they laid down for a rest. And then the lion saw vultures were flying circle around in the sky. I think we better compromise and share the water or we keep fighting until one loses and becomes their food. The goat agreed with the lion, and at the end they share water to drink.