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The show focused on a group of six friends who are transported into the titular realm and followed their adventures as they tried to find a way home with the help of their guide ‘Dungeon Master’. A final un-produced episode would have served as a conclusion as well as a re-imagining had the series been picked up for a fourth season. However, the show was cancelled before the episode was made. Dragons” by taking a magical dark ride on an amusement park roller coaster. The children’s main goal is to find a way home, but they often take detours to help people or find that their fates are intertwined with that of others. The group come across many different enemies, but their primary antagonist is Venger.

Venger is a powerful wizard who wishes to rule the realm and believes the power from the children’s weapons will help him to do so. Another recurring villain is Tiamat, who is a five-headed dragon and the only creature that Venger fears. Throughout the show, a connection is suggested between Dungeon Master and Venger. This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Left to right: Hank, Eric, Diana, Presto, Sheila, Bobby and Uni. At 15, he is the oldest of the gang, along with Eric, and a natural leader.

Hank is a brave and noble individual, maintaining a focus and determination, even when presented with grave danger. The Cavalier age 15 is the spoiled child, originating from a rich home. On the surface, Eric is the big-mouthed coward of the show, and he also fulfills the role of the comic relief character. Diana is a beautiful and brave 14-year-old girl.

She is an Acrobat, and an outspoken and tomboyish member of the group. 14-year-old Albert, better known as Presto, is the Wizard. Presto fulfills a role of the well-meaning, diligent, but hopeless magician. As the Thief, Sheila age 13 has a magical cloak which, when the hood is raised over her head, makes her invisible. Servant of Evil” episode, and he confirms that he is “almost ten” four episodes later in “The Lost Children”.

Uni is Bobby’s pet, a baby unicorn, which Bobby discovers in the first episode and retains as his companion throughout the show. Bobby when she agrees to his opinions. The group’s friend and mentor, he provides important advice and help, but often in a cryptic way that does not make sense until the team has completed the quest of each episode. It is the Dungeon Master who supplies the companions with their weapons and clues for their numerous opportunities to return home. Venger is an evil wizard of great power who seeks to use the children’s magical weapons to bolster his power. A shadowy demon, he is Venger’s personal spy and assistant.

Venger’s arch-rival is a fearsome female five-headed dragon with a reverberating multi-level voice. The show ran for 27 episodes split into three seasons of thirteen, eight, and six episodes respectively. Venger being revealed as Dungeon Master’s son was sewn into several episodes. This storyline would have climaxed in the unproduced finale “Requiem”. Fear not: Ranger, Barbarian, Magician, Thief, Cavalier, and Acrobat. That was Venger, the force of evil. I am Dungeon Master, your guide in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons!

The opening credits served as an introduction to the series and an explanation as to how the children ended up in the realm. Dragons” ride, which then transports them to the realm. Dungeon Master appears to give them their individual weapons to defend themselves from Tiamat and Venger. The credits were altered for the second and third seasons. It started in a similar way to the first with group getting onto the roller coaster.

There is no escape from the realm of Dungeons and Dragons! The credits featured an orchestral score composed by Johnny Douglas, which played alongside the soundtrack of Dungeon Master. However, in France it ran with the song “Le Sourire du Dragon” sung by Dorothée. The level of violence was controversial for American children’s television at the time, and the script of one episode, “The Dragon’s Graveyard”, was almost shelved because the characters contemplated killing their nemesis, Venger.