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Sinbad is an action-adventure fantasy family saga television series that aired on Sky1 from 8 July to 23 September 2012. On 27 February 2013, Sky announced that they had axed the show, saying its “story has now been told”. Sinbad accidentally kills the son of the powerful Lord Akbari world cup 2018 ตาราง a fist fight.

As recompense for the blood debt, Sinbad’s brother is killed in front of his eyes. Sinbad escapes, but his grandmother uses a magic talisman to curse him for the death of his brother. Akbari, who orders the death of Jamil in revenge, though Akbari admits that his blood debt would not be satisfied even if he also killed Sinbad. The crew ask merchant Abdul Fahim for food and water on their travels, but instead Fahim tricks Anwar into taking the Providence. In order to take it back before the amulet will kill Sinbad, they enter an underground realm to a gambling den. The Providence is stranded at sea with low water supplies and the Cook is severely dehydrated.

Since Anicetus’ boarding, everybody begins to experience hallucinations. During a short excursion, Sinbad and crew are being hunted by Basra guards. Anwar, Nala and Rina make their way back the Providence, only to be captured. When Taryn learns of Sinbad’s curse, she creates a “Familiar”, a being that can detect Sinbad’s location and emotions. Meanwhile, Gunnar and Sinbad make their own way, where Gunnar is captured by a band of warriors known as the Khaima. Nala and Gunnar discover he is alive, but does not want to leave.

It is revealed that Roisin is a creature taking human form and has taken away his memories, including those of his grandmother, thereby lifting the curse. Sinbad returns to Basra to rescue his grandmother from danger. Upon arrival the group learn that Akbari has come to power in Basra, after murdering his brother, and is destroying all forms of scientific knowledge in favour of sorcery. Anwar and Rina attempt to rescue the former’s father, only to realise that Akbari already paid them off and has Rina arrested, though she later escapes. On his birthday, a depressed Anwar begins to have doubts about his place in the group. Meanwhile, the Providence crew do a spot of treasure hunting on a deserted island filled with ship wrecks.